English Sentence:

What would you like to buy?

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



qing3 wen4 xiang3 mai3 dian3 shen2 me5?

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Words used:

請問   请问

qǐng wèn

Excuse me!, May I ask?

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1. to think, to suppose, to wonder 2. to want, would like to 3. to miss

Here: to want, would like to

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to buy

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1. to order (food in a restaurant), to choose 2. o'clock 3. some, a little bit 4. point, spot, drop 5. (a measure word for aspect, item) 6. to light, to kindle 7. to click 8. to check, to count 9. snack 10. to touch briefly 11. to nod

Here: some, a little bit

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什麼   什么

shé me

Alternative Pronunciation:

shén me

1. what 2. anything, something

Here: what

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