English Sentence:

Please take care of my luggage for a while, thanks!

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



qing3 bang1 wo3 bao3 guan3 yi2 xia4 xing2 li3, xie4 xie5!

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Words used:



1. please 2. to request 3. to treat (e.g. to a meal or drink) 4. to employ, to hire 5. to invite

Here: please

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幫我   帮我

bāng wǒ

help me

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保管   保管

bǎo guǎn

to take care of, to keep safe

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一下   一下

yí xià

1. a moment, a short while 2. all of a sudden, all at once 3. to give sth a go, to do sth for a bit

Here: a moment

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行李   行李

xíng lǐ

luggage, baggage

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謝謝   谢谢

xiè xie

Thanks!, Thank you!

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