English Sentence:

Keep walking ahead for five minutes and you are there.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wang3 qian2 zou3 wu3 fen1 zhong1 jiu4 dao4 le5.

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Words used:

往前   往前

wǎng qián

to move forwards

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1. to walk, to move 2. to go, to leave 3. to let out, to lose, to leak 4. (of devices) to run, to work 5. to visit, to call on 6. to make a move 7. (euphemistic) to pass away, to die 8. to change, to lose original shape, flavour, etc 9. from, through

Here: to walk, to go, to move

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five, 5

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分鐘   分钟

fēn zhōng


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1. then, just, right away 2. to approach, to move towards 3. to accomplish 4. to undertake, to engage in 5. as early as, already 6. in that case 7. as many as 8. even if 9. to suffer, subjected to 10. to go with (foods) 11. with regard to, concerning

Here: then, just, right away

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到了   到了

dào le

has arrived

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