English Sentence:

We still have one hour to kill before boarding the plane.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



shang4 fei1 ji1 qian2 wo3 men5 hai2 you3 yi4 xiao3 shi2 de5 kong4 dang3.

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Words used:


shàng fēi jī

to get on an airplane, to board a plane

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1. front 2. ago, before 3. ahead 4. previous, former 5. forward

Here: before

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我們   我们

wǒ men

1. we 2. our 3. us

Here: we

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還有   还有

hái yǒu

1. furthermore, in addition, also 2. still have

Here: still have

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1. one, 1 (4th tone, used in Taiwan) 2. as soon as 3. each, every 4. single, alone 5. whole, entire, all, throughout 6. (indicating the intention to try)

Here: one, 1 (4th tone, used in Taiwan)

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小時   小时

xiǎo shí


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1. of (possessive particle) 2. (adjectival ending) 3. (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis) 4. (used to form a nominal expression)

Here: of (possessive particle)

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空檔   空档

kòng dǎng

1. a break, an interval 2. gap

Here: a break, an interval

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