English Sentence:

In Britain, it usually starts to get chilly around the middle of September.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



zai4 ying1 guo2 tong1 chang2 jiu3 yue4 zhong1 zuo3 you4 jiu4 kai1 shi3 bian4 leng3.

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Words used:



1. in, at, on 2. located at 3. at the moment (ongoing action) 4. to be, to exist 5. (an indicator of location or time)

Here: in, at, located at

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英國   英国

yīng guó

United Kingdom, Great Britain

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通常   通常

tōng cháng

1. ordinary, regular, usual 2. usually, normally, generally

Here: usually, normally, generally

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九月   九月

jiǔ yuè


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1. in, within 2. centre 3. central 4. middle 5. (short for China) 6. (short for Chinese) 7. in the course of, during, -ing 8. (short for high school)

Here: in, middle, within, centre, central

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左右   左右

zuǒ yòu

about, approximately, around

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1. then, just, right away 2. to approach, to move towards 3. to accomplish, to undertake, to engage in

Here: then, just, right away

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開始   开始

kāi shǐ

1. to start, to begin, to launch 2. beginning, start

Here: to start, to begin, to launch

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變冷   变冷

biàn lěng

to get chilly, to become cold

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