English Sentence:

Schools started summer vacation early because the weather was really too hot.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

因為天氣實在太熱, 學校提早放暑假。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

因为天气实在太热, 学校提早放暑假。


yin1 wei4 tian1 qi4 shi2 zai4 tai4 re4, xue2 xiao4 ti2 zao3 fang4 shu3 jia4.

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Words used:

因為   因为

yīn wèi

because, due to

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天氣   天气

tiān qì


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實在   实在

shí zài

1. really, truly, honestly 2. concrete, solid

Here: really, truly, honestly

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1. too (much) 2. very, extremely 3. quite 4. two generations senior

Here: too (much), very, extremely

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1. hot (temperature) 2. to heat up 3. ardent 4. heat, fever

Here: hot (temperature)

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學校   学校

xué xiào


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提早   提早

tí zǎo

to be earlier than expected

Here: be earlier than expected

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1. to put, to place 2. to set free, to release, to let go

Here: to set free

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暑假   暑假

shǔ jià

summer vacation

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