English Sentence:

Many consumers think that the new price is ridiculously high.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



bu4 shao3 xiao1 fei4 zhe3 ren4 wei2 xin1 de5 jia4 ge2 gao1 de5 tai4 li2 pu3.

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Words used:

不少   不少

bù shǎo

not just a few, many

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xiāo fèi zhě


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認為   认为

rèn wéi

1. to think 2. to consider, to believe, to feel

Here: to think

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新的   新的

xīn de


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價格   价格

jià gé

price, cost

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1. tall, high 2. Gao (Chinese surname) 3. (voice) high, loud 4. of high level, above average 5. (honorific) your

Here: tall, high

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(a particle used after a verb, or adjective as main verb, linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility)

Here: (a particle used after a verb)

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1. too, so (much) 2. very, extremely 3. quite 4. two generations senior 5. highest, greatest 6. wife, Miss, Mrs 7. most, utmost 8. senior, noble

Here: too (much)

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離譜   离谱

lí pǔ

excessive, far away from what is normal

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