English Sentence:

This child often uses obscene language, he does not have a good family education.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

這個孩子常講髒話, 很沒有家教。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

这个孩子常讲脏话, 很没有家教。


zhe4 ge5 hai2 zi5 chang2 jiang3 zang1 hua4, hen3 mei2 you3 jia1 jiao4.

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Words used:

這個   这个

zhè ge

this, this one

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孩子   孩子

hái zi

child, children

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1. often, frequently 2. common, ordinary 3. Chang (Chinese surname) 4. always, ever

Here: often, frequently

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to tell, to talk, to speak

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髒話   脏话

zāng huà

obscene language

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very, quite

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沒有   没有

méi yǒu

1. haven't, hasn't, didn't, non 2. without 3. to not have 4. to not be

Here: hasn't

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家教   家教

jiā jiào

1. family education 2. private tutor, one to one tutor

Here: family education

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