English Sentence:

Don't worry, this building is very safe.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

別擔心, 這棟建築很安全。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

别担心, 这栋建筑很安全。


bie2 dan1 xin1, zhe4 dong4 jian4 zhu2 hen3 an1 quan2.

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Words used:


bié dān xīn

Don't worry!

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1. this 2. these 3. such

Here: this

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(a measure word for buildings)

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建築   建筑

jiàn zhú

Mainland Pronunciation:

jiàn zhù

1. architecture, building, construction 2. to construct

Here: architecture, building

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very, quite

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安全   安全

ān quán

1. safe, secure 2. safety, security

Here: safe, secure

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