English Sentence:

Air pollution might trigger asthma, premature births, lung cancer and heart disease.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



kong1 qi4 wu1 ran3 ke3 neng2 you4 fa1 qi4 chuan3、zao3 chan3、fei4 ai2 he2 xin1 zang4 ji2 bing4.

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kōng qì wū rǎn

air pollution

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可能   可能

kě néng

1. possible, probable 2. possibility, probability 3. maybe, perhaps

Here: possible, probable

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誘發   诱发

yòu fā

to trigger, to induce, to cause

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氣喘   气喘

qì chuǎn


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早產   早产

zǎo chǎn

premature birth

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肺癌   肺癌

fèi ái

lung cancer

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1. together with, and 2. mild, harmonious 3. peace, harmony 4. sum 5. He (Chinese surname) 6. Japanese (food, clothes)

Here: together with, and

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心臟   心脏

xīn zàng

heart (organ)

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疾病   疾病

jí bìng

disease, sickness

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