English Sentence:

This soap smells very good.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



zhe4 kuai4 fei2 zao4 wen2 qi3 lai2 hen3 xiang1.

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Words used:



1. this 2. these 3. such

Here: this

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1. lump, chunk, piece 2. (a measure word for N.T. dollar or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar) 3. (a measure word for clothes, cakes, soap, land)

Here: (a measure word for clothes, cakes, soap, land)

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肥皂   肥皂

féi zào


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1. to smell, to sniff at 2. to hear 3. news 4. well-known, famous 5. reputation, fame 6. (Chinese surname Wen)

Here: to smell, to sniff at

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起來   起来

qǐ lái

1. (beginning or continuing action) 2. to stand up, to get up 3. (to feel, look, smell, sound or taste) like

Here: (beginning or continuing action)

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very, quite

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1. fragrant 2. incense, incense stick 3. savory, appetizing 4. fragrance

Here: fragrant

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