English Sentence:

Can I give you a hug?

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 ke3 yi3 gei3 ni3 yi1 ge5 yong3 bao4 ma5?

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Words used:


1. I 2. me 3. my

Here: I

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可以   可以

kě yǐ

1. can, may, could, to be able to 2. all right, OK, will do

Here: can, may, could, to be able to

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1. to give 2. for, for the benefit of 3. to let, to allow

Here: to give

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1. you (male) 2. your (male)

Here: you (male)

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1. one, 1 2. as soon as 3. single

Here: one, 1

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Mainland Pronunciation:

1. piece, individual 2. (a measure word for people or objects) 3. (a numerary adjunct)

Here: (a measure word for hugs)

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擁抱   拥抱

yǒng bào

to hug, to embrace

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(particle indicating a question)

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