English Sentence:

Chicken goes well with white wine.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



chi1 ji1 rou4 pei4 bai2 jiu3 bu2 cuo4.

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Words used:



1. to eat, to consume 2. to eat at 3. to eradicate, to destroy 4. to absorb 5. to suffer

Here: to eat

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雞肉   鸡肉

jī ròu

chicken meat

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1. to mix, to blend 2. to match, to pair 3. to allocate 4. to make up (a prescription)

Here: to mix, to blend

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白酒   白酒

bái jiǔ

1. white wine 2. spirit distilled from sorghum or maize

Here: white wine

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不錯   不错

bú cuò

Mainland Pronunciation:

bù cuò

good, not bad

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