English Sentence:

Please don't use MSG in my dish.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



qing3 bu2 yao4 zai4 wo3 de5 cai4 li3 jia1 wei4 jing1.

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1. please 2. to request 3. to treat (e.g. to a meal or drink) 4. to employ, to hire 5. to invite

Here: please

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不要   不要

bú yào

1. to not want sth 2. don't, mustn't

Here: to not want sth

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1. in, at, on 2. located at 3. at the moment (ongoing action) 4. to be, to exist 5. (an indicator of location or time)

Here: in, at, on

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我的   我的

wǒ de

1. my 2. mine

Here: my

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1. dish, meal, cuisine 2. vegetables 3. [informal] one's type 4. (of one's skills etc) weak, poor

Here: dish, meal, cuisine

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inside, within

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1. to add 2. to join 3. plus

Here: to add

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味精   味精

wèi jīng

MSG (a flavour enhancer)

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