English Sentence:

The British government announced spending cuts of over 6 billion pounds.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ying1 guo2 zheng4 fu3 xuan1 bu4 suo1 jian3 yu4 liu4 shi2 yi4 ying1 bang4 de5 kai1 zhi1.

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Words used:

英國   英国

yīng guó

United Kingdom, Great Britain

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政府   政府

zhèng fǔ


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宣佈   宣布

xuān bù

to announce, to declare

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縮減   缩减

suō jiǎn

to cut, to reduce

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Mainland Pronunciation:

1. more than 2. to exceed 3. to go beyond, to transcend, to cross over

Here: to exceed, more than

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六十   六十

liù shí

sixty, 60

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a hundred million

Here: a hundred million, 100.000.000

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英鎊   英镑

yīng bàng

pound sterling, pound (British currency)

Here: Pound (British Sterling Currency)

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1. of (possessive particle) 2. (adjectival ending) 3. (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis) 4. (used to form a nominal expression)

Here: (adjectival ending)

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開支   开支

kāi zhī

expenses, expenditures

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