English Sentence:

When I lost the key to my house I had to call a locksmith to let me in.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



dang1 jia1 li3 de5 yao4 shi5 diao4 le5 shi2, wo3 bi4 xu1 da3 dian4 hua4 zhao3 suo3 jiang4 cai2 neng2 jin4 jia1 men2.

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Words used:



1. when, just at, during 2. to be, to serve as, to act as 3. to manage, to withstand 4. to take one's turn 5. ought, should 6. current 7. to face, to turn towards 8. to match equally, to equal, to be equal to 9. to treat something/someone as

Here: when

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家裡   家里

jiā lǐ


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1. of (possessive particle) 2. (adjectival ending) 3. (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis) 4. (used to form a nominal expression)

Here: (adjectival ending)

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鑰匙   钥匙

yào shǐ

Mainland Pronunciation:

yào shi

a key (to open the door)

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1. to drop, to fall 2. to lose, to go missing 3. to turn, to change 4. to lag behind 5. off, to come off 6. (used after certain verbs to express completion, fulfillment, removal)

Here: to lose

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1. (particle signifying the change of situation) 2. (completed action marker) 3. (a filler word without any meaning)

Here: (particle which indicates a past tense)

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1. time, moment 2. hour 3. season 4. when

Here: time, moment

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1. I 2. me 3. my 4. our

Here: I

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必須   必须

bì xū

to have to, must

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dǎ diàn huà

to ring, to make a phone call

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1. to find, to look for, to seek 2. to call on, to want to see 3. to give change

Here: to find, to look for

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鎖匠   锁匠

suǒ jiàng


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才能   才能

cái néng

1. talent, ability 2. to be able to, can

Here: be able to, can

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1. to enter, to go in 2. to advance 3. to take (in), to eat or drink

Here: to enter, to go in

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家門   家门

jiā mén

1. house door, home door 2. family clan

Here: house door, home door

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