English Sentence:

I cannot use my new computer to connect to the Internet yet.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 de5 xin1 dian4 nao3 hai2 mei2 ban4 fa3 lian2 xian4 dao4 wang3 lu4.

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Words used:

我的   我的

wǒ de

1. my 2. mine

Here: my

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1. new 2. newly

Here: new

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電腦   电脑

diàn nǎo


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還沒   还没

hái méi

not yet, still not

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辦法   办法

bàn fǎ

means, method, way (to do something)

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連線   连线

lián xiàn

to connect (via computer)

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1. to reach, to arrive 2. until, up to 3. to go to, to come 4. to be present (at a meeting, class, party) 5. (a particle used after a verb to indicate a completed action) 6. to (a place)

Here: to reach, to arrive

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網路   网路

wǎng lù

network, Internet

Here: Internet

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