English Sentence:

100,000 homes are without electricity.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



shi2 wan4 hu4 zhu4 jia1 zheng4 mian4 lin2 duan4 dian4.

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Words used:

十萬   十万

shí wàn

a hundred thousand, 100.000

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1. door, window 2. household, family 3. (a measure word for households and families) 4. account (in banking, online services)

Here: (a measure word for households and families)

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住家   住家

zhù jiā

household, residence

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1. upright, straight 2. correct 3. at the moment 4. main, front, centrally located 5. (slang) good-looking 6. positive 7. to correct, to rectify 8. exactly, just (at that time), right (in that place) 9. positive (maths) 10. regular-shaped, regular, square

Here: at the moment

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面臨   面临

miàn lín

to face (a problem), to be confronted with

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斷電   断电

duàn diàn

power cut, power failure

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