English Sentence:

"Follow that car!" he said to the taxi driver.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ta1 dui4 ji4 cheng2 che1 si1 ji1 shuo1:「gen1 zhe5 na4 liang4 che1!」

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Words used:


1. he 2. him 3. his 4. other, some other

Here: he

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1. for, to 2. right, correct 3. a couple, a pair 4. opposite position, facing 4. to match together 5. to adjust 6. to fit, to suit 7. (a measure word for couples or pairs of objects or people)

Here: for, to

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計程車   计程车

jì chéng chē

[Taiwan only] taxi, cab

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司機   司机

sī jī

driver, chauffeur

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1. to speak, to say 2. to explain, to tell 3. to reprimand, to tell off 4. theory, doctrine

Here: to speak, to say

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跟著   跟着

gēn zhe

to follow after

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1. that, it, those, which 2. then, in that case, that way 3. there

Here: that, it, those, which

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(a measure word for vehicles like cars, motorbikes, truck, vans)

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car, vehicle

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