English Sentence:

I need some tools to fix my car.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 xu1 yao4 yi4 xie1 gong1 ju4 lai2 xiu1 wo3 de5 che1 zi5.

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Words used:


1. I 2. me 3. my

Here: I

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需要   需要

xū yào

1. to need, to require 2. to have to

Here: to need, to require

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一些   一些

yì xiē

a few, some, a little

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工具   工具

gōng jù

tool, means (to achieve sth)

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1. to come 2. in order to 3. to take place, to crop up 4. to have 5. future, coming 6. (used to replace another verb)

Here: in order to

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1. to repair, to fix 2. to study 3. to trim (hair) 4. to embellish, to decorate 5. to cultivate 6. to practice Buddhist or Taoist rules, to practice moral teachings

Here: to repair

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我的   我的

wǒ de

1. my 2. mine

Here: my

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車子   车子

chē zi

car, vehicle

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