English Sentence:

No party has been able to secure a majority in this election.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



zhe4 ci4 xuan3 ju3 mei2 you3 ren4 he2 dang3 pai4 cheng2 gong1 qu3 de2 duo1 shu4 xi2 wei4.

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Words used:

這次   这次

zhè cì

this time

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選舉   选举

xuǎn jǔ

1. to elect 2. election

Here: to elect, election

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沒有   没有

méi yǒu

1. haven't, hasn't, didn't, non 2. without 3. to not have 4. to not be

Here: haven't, hasn't, didn't, non

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任何   任何

rèn hé

any, whatever

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黨派   党派

dǎng pài

political party

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成功   成功

chéng gōng

1. to succeed 2. success 3. successful

Here: success, successful

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取得   取得

qǔ dé

to acquire, to obtain, to get

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多數   多数

duō shù


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席位   席位

xí wèi

parliamentary seat, conference seat

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