English Sentence:

There doesn't seem to be an agreement in sight.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



jin4 qi2 nei4 si4 hu1 wu2 fa3 da2 cheng2 xie2 yi4.

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Words used:

近期   近期

jìn qí

Mainland Pronunciation:

jìn qī

in the near future, very soon

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1. inside, inner part 2. internal, within

Here: inside, internal, within, inner part

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似乎   似乎

sì hū

to seem, to appear

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無法   无法

wú fǎ

unable to, cannot, incapable of

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達成   达成

dá chéng

to reach (agreement), to accomplish, to complete

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協議   协议

xié yì

agreement, pact

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