English Sentence:

Life will find a way.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



sheng1 ming4 hui4 zi4 ji3 zhao3 dao4 chu1 lu4.

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Words used:

生命   生命

shēng mìng

life, being, living

Here: life (force), being

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1. will (indicating future) 2. be likely to, be sure to 3. can, to be able to 4. to meet (someone) 5. to meet together, to assemble 6. meeting, association, group 7. to understand, to know 8. conference, congress

Here: will (indicating future), can, be able to

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自己   自己

zì jǐ

oneself, self, own

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找到   找到

zhǎo dào

to find (successfully)

Here: found, located

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出路   出路

chū lù

a way out

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