English Sentence:

Her son-in-law doesn't like to live in the countryside, and he plans to move to a big city in the near future.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ta1 de5 nü3 xu4 bu4 xi3 huan1 zhu4 zai4 xiang1 xia4, jin4 qi2 nei4 da3 suan4 ban1 dao4 da4 du1 shi4.

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Words used:

她的   她的

tā de

1. her 2. hers

Here: her, hers

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女婿   女婿

nǚ xù

son-in-law, daughter's husband

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bù xǐ huān

to not like, to dislike

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住在   住在

zhù zài

to live in

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鄉下   乡下

xiāng xià


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近期   近期

jìn qí

Mainland Pronunciation:

jìn qī

in the near future, very soon

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1. inside, inner part 2. internal 3. within

Here: inside, internal, within, inner part

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打算   打算

dǎ suàn

1. to plan, to intend 2. plan, intention

Here: to plan, to intend

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搬到   搬到

bān dào

to move to

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[polite] 1. big, great, large 2. major, main 3. oldest, eldest 4. (polite) your or your esteemed 5. age 6. in an extreme manner, greatly 7. short for university (used only in the abbreviation of the name) 8. mature, grown up 9. well-known, successful

Here: big, great, large

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都市   都市

dū shì

big city, metropolis

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