English Sentence:

There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



nian2 ji4 qing1 qing1 que4 zhe4 me5 bei1 guan1, rang4 ren2 fei1 chang2 nan2 guo4.

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Words used:

年紀   年纪

nián jì

a person's age

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1. light, gentle 2. young

Here: young

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1. light, gentle 2. young

Here: young

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but, instead, yet

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這麼   这么

zhè me

so, like this, this way

Here: so, like that

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悲觀   悲观

bēi guān


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1. to let 2. to permit 3. to let sb do sth, to have sb do sth, to make sb do sth 4. to yield

Here: to let, to permit, to yield, to allow

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people, person, human being

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非常   非常

fēi cháng

1. unusual, extraordinary 2. very, extremely

Here: very, extreme, exceptional

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難過   难过

nán guò

1. to feel sorry, to feel sad, to be grieved 2. to be difficult (of life or event)

Here: to feel sorry or sad, grieved

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