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That payment has to be made in cash.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



gai1 kuan3 xiang4 xu1 yi3 xian4 jin1 zhi1 fu4.

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1. should 2. that, the above-mentioned

Here: that

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款項   款项

kuǎn xiàng

payment, a sum of money

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1. to need, to require, to want 2. need, necessity

Here: to need, to require

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1. with, by, by means of 2. in order to, so as to 3. because, because of 4. to use, to use as 5. according to

Here: with, by

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現金   现金

xiàn jīn


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支付   支付

zhī fù

[formal] to pay (money)

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