English Sentence:

There are not only books but also many magazines in our library.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 men5 de5 tu2 shu1 guan3 bu4 zhi3 you3 shu1, hai2 you3 hen3 duo1 za2 zhi4.

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Words used:

我們的   我们的

wǒ men de

our, ours

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圖書館   图书馆

tú shū guǎn


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不只   不只

bù zhǐ

not only, not merely

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1. to have 2. to own 3. there is, there are 4. to be, to exist

Here: there is, there are

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1. book 2. (old use) letter 3. document 4. (old use) to write

Here: book

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還有   还有

hái yǒu

1. furthermore, in addition, also 2. still have

Here: furthermore, in addition, also

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很多   很多

hěn duō

a lot, many

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雜誌   杂志

zá zhì

a magazine (to read)

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