English Sentence:

Applying for a loan from a bank isn't that difficult.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



xiang4 yin2 hang2 shen1 qing3 dai4 kuan3 mei2 na4 me5 kun4 nan2.

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Words used:



1. toward 2. direction 3. always, all along

Here: toward

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銀行   银行

yín háng

a bank (financial institution)

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申請   申请

shēn qǐng

to apply for sth

Here: to apply for, to file for, to ask for

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貸款   贷款

dài kuǎn

loan, mortgage

Here: loan

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1. have not 2. not (negative prefix for verbs)

Here: have not, not (negative prefix for verbs)

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那麼   那么

nà me

1. then, in that case 2. that way 3. so

Here: then, in that case, that way, so

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困難   困难

kùn nán

1. difficult 2. difficulty, difficult situation

Here: difficult

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