English Sentence:

I've made an avocado juice for you to drink.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 zuo4 le5 yi4 bei1 luo4 li2 zhi1 gei3 ni3 he1.

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Words used:


1. I 2. me 3. my 4. our

Here: I

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1. to make, to produce 2. to do 3. to work 4. to be, to become 5. to serve as, to be used for 6. to pretend

Here: to make

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1. (particle signifying the change of situation) 2. (completed action marker) 3. (a filler word without any meaning)

Here: (completed action marker)

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1. one, 1 (4th tone, used in Taiwan) 2. as soon as

Here: one, 1 (4th tone, used in Taiwan)

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1. cup, glass 2. (a measure word for glass, cup, mug)

Here: cup, glass

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酪梨   酪梨

luò lí

[Taiwan only] avocado

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1. to give 2. for, for the benefit of 3. to let, to allow

Here: for

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[Taiwan only] you (referring to a female person)

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to drink

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