Thai Word: เครื่องดื่ม
Romanization: khrûeang dùem
English Meaning: beverage

Example Sentences:

chaa pen khrûeang dùem thîi dâai ráp khwaam ní yom yàang mâak nai prà thêet ang krìt
Tea is very popular in Great Britain.
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เครื่องดื่มลดครึ่งราคาจนถึง 2 ทุ่ม
khrûeang dùem lót khrûeng raa khaa jon thǔeng sǒong thûm
Drinks are half price until 8 p.m.
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hâi phǒm líang khrûeang dùem khun dâai mǎi
Can I buy you a drink?
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Related Words:



to drink

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