Thai Word: ลืม
Romanization: luem
English Meaning: 1. to forget 2. to open (eyes)

Example Sentences:

chǎn luem boe thoo ra sàp khǒong thoe
I've forgotten her telephone number.
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ฉันลืมนาฬิกาไว้ กี่โมงแล้ว
chǎn luem naa lí kaa wái kìi moong láeo
I've forgotten my watch. What time is it?
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phǒm luem ra hàt phàan ìik láeo!
I've forgotten my password again!
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phǒm luem rôm wái thîi thîi tham ngaan
I have forgotten my umbrella at the office.
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yàa luem lók pra tuu
Please remember to lock the door.
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chǎn luem kra pǎo sa taang
I forgot my wallet.
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yàa luem súe khǒong khwǎn hâi thoe lâ
Don't forget to buy a present for her.
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