Thai Word: ทาน
Romanization: thaan
English Meaning: 1. to eat (formal) 2. to resist

Example Sentences:

khǎo láang mue kòon thaan aa hǎan sa mǒe
He always washes his hands before eating.
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เราไปดูหนัง แล้วก็ไปทานข้าวร้านหรูต่อ
rao pai duu nǎng láeo kôo pai thaan khâaw ráan rǔu tòo
We went to the cinema, and afterwards to a fancy restaurant.
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tháng wan chǎn yang mâi dâai thaan a rai loei nôok jàak saen wít chín diao
I've had nothing but a sandwich all day.
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khòop khun thîi phaa phǒm pai thaan aa hǎan yen
Thank you for taking me out to dinner.
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chǎn jà thaan sà làt pen khrûeang khiang
I'll have a salad as a side dish.
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pai thaan aa hǎan yen nôok bâan kan thòe
Let's go out for dinner.
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