Thai Word: ไหน
Romanization: nǎi
English Meaning: 1. where 2. which

Example Sentences:

khun maa jàak nǎi?
Where are you from?
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hông náam yùu nǎi?
Where is the toilet?
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khun jà pai nǎi?
Where are you going?
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sà thǎa nii rót fai pai thaang nǎi?
How do I get to the railway station?
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thoo ra sàp yùu nǎi?
Where is the telephone?
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nai mueang klai khâe nǎi?
How far is it into town?
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phǒm tông khûen rót bás / rót bát khan nǎi?
Which bus do I need to take?
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