Thai Word: ฉัน
Romanization: chǎn
English Meaning: I, me (female speaker)

Example Sentences:

ฉันหิวมากเลย เราไปร้านอาหารกันเถอะ
chǎn hǐo mâak loei rao pai ráan aa hǎan kan thòe
I'm very hungry. Let's go to a restaurant.
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chǎn chûe maa lii
My name is Malee.
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chǎn aa yú yîi sìp pii
I'm twenty years old.
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chǎn rian phaa sǎa thai
I'm learning Thai.
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chǎn khít thǔeng khun
I miss you.
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chǎn pai duu nǎng
I go to the cinema.
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chǎn tham ngaan thá naa khaan
I work in a bank.
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