Thai Word: หยุดงานประท้วง
Romanization: yùt ngaan pra thúang
English Meaning: to strike, to walkout

Example Sentences:

kaan nát yùt ngaan pra thúang thùuk yók lôek nai naa thii sùt tháai
The strike was called off at the last minute.
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rót fai prà maan hâa sìp poe sen dâai ráp phǒn kra thóp jàak kaan yùt ngaan pra thúang
Fifty percent of the trains are affected by the strike.
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Related Words:



to stop

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1. work, job 2. party (celebration) 3. event 4. 100 square waa (400 square metres)

Here: work, job

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pra thúang

to protest

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