Thai Word: ยอมรับ
Romanization: yoom ráp
English Meaning: to admit

Example Sentences:

thoe yoom ráp wâa thoe lǒng tua eeng
She admits fame has gone to her head.
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คุณยอมรับข้อเสนอของผมไหม? ผมขอคิดดูก่อน
khun yoom ráp khôo sa nǒe khǒong phǒm mǎi? phǒm khǒo khít duu kòon
Do you accept my offer? I'll think about it.
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khǎo yoom ráp khwaam phìt phlâat yàang rûat reo
He quickly admitted the mistake.
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Related Words:



1. to allow 2. to consent

Here: to allow

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1. to accept, to receive 2. to pick someone up

Here: to accept, to receive

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