Thai Word: แล้ว
Romanization: láeo
English Meaning: 1. already (particle used for emphasis at the end of a statement) 2. then, and

Example Sentences:

nóong chaai chǎn tàeng ngaan láeo
My (younger) brother is married.
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chǎn tàeng ngaan maa yîi sìp pii láeo
I've been married for twenty years.
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khoom phio tôe sǐa láeo
The computer isn't working anymore.
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rao tàeng ngaan kan maa sìp èt pii láeo láe mii lûuk sìi khon
We've been married for 11 years and have four children.
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chǎn mâi mii kham thǎam láeo
I have no further questions.
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chǎn mâi dâai joe khǎo naan mâak láeo
I have not seen him in ages.
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thǔeng khraao khun láeo
It's your turn.
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