Thai Word: เวลา
Romanization: wee laa
English Meaning: 1. time 2. when

Example Sentences:

rao mii wee laa mâi mâak
We don't have much time.
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chái wee laa naan thâo rai?
How long does it take?
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rûeang níi tông chái wee laa fùek lǎai pii
This takes years of practice.
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wee laa pen ngoen pen thoong
Time is money.
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wee laa thâo rai?
What time is it?
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chǎn klìat wee laa mii khôot sà naa khân phâap phá yon
I hate it when the movie is interrupted by adverts.
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chôok mâi dii thîi phǒm mâi mii wee laa chûai khun
Unfortunately I don't have time to help you.
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