Thai Word: กำลัง
Romanization: kam lang
English Meaning: 1. (auxiliary verb meaning 'being, in the act of', similar to the suffix, '-ing') 2. strength, force

Example Sentences:

chǎn kam lang àan nǎng sǔe
I'm reading a book.
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toon níi chǎn kam lang duu thii wii
I'm watching TV at the moment.
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chǎn kam lang jà pai roong rian
I'm going to school.
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chǎn kam lang rian yùu nai prà thêet thai
I'm studying in Thailand.
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dèk kam lang róong hâi
The child is crying.
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khun kam lang sǐa ngoen plàao
You are wasting your money.
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chǎn kam lang hǎa ngaan tham
I'm looking for work.
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