Thai Word: กลัว
Romanization: klua
English Meaning: afraid, frightened, scared, to fear

Example Sentences:

khun tham hâi chǎn klua
You frightened me.
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khun klua mǎi?
Are you scared?
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thoe klua kaan khûen khrûeang bin
She is afraid of flying.
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chǎn mâi klua kaan tham ngaan
I'm not afraid of work.
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ฉันกลัวการพูดต่อหน้าสาธารณชนจริง ๆ
chǎn klua kaan phûut tòo nâa sǎa thaa ra ná chon jing (repeat previous word)
I'm absolutely terrified of public speaking.
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sàt klua fai
Animals are afraid of fire.
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chǎn klua khwaam mûet
I'm scared of the dark.
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