Thai Word: เท่าที่
Romanization: thâo thîi
English Meaning: as much as

Example Sentences:

chǎn jà klàp bâan hâi reo thîi sùt thâo thîi jà tham dâai
I'll come home as early as I can.
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khǎo pen khon thîi klâa hǎan thîi sùt thâo thîi chǎn khoei joe maa
He is the most courageous person I've ever met.
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phǒm tham ngaan reo thîi sùt thâo thîi jà tham dâai
I'm working as fast as I can.
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Related Words:



1. equal 2. times

Here: equal

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1. at 2. when 3. place 4. (classifier for locations and meals) 5. which 6. (prefix used to create ordinal numbers) 7. for

Here: at

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