Thai Word: ทำไม
Romanization: tham mai
English Meaning: why

Example Sentences:

khun róong hâi tham mai?
Why are you crying?
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tham mai khun yang thoo hǎa chǎn ìik?
Why do you keep calling me?
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khun tham yàang nán tham mai?
Why did you do that?
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khun jông chǎn tham mai?
Why do you keep staring at me?
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khun koo hòk chǎn tham mai?
Why did you lie to me?
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tham mai maa sǎai pra jam?
Why are you always late?
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tham mai bai sa màk khǒong phǒm jueng thùuk pà ti sèet?
Why was my application rejected?
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