Thai Word: เท่าไร
Romanization: thâo rai
English Meaning: 1. how 2. how much

Example Sentences:

khun aa yú thâo rai?
How old are you?
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chái wee laa naan thâo rai?
How long does it take?
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raa khaa thâo rai?
How much does it cost?
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wee laa thâo rai?
What time is it?
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ผมอายุ 35 ปี แล้วคุณอายุเท่าไร?
phǒm aa yú 35 pii láeo khun aa yú thâo rai?
I'm 35 years old and how old are you?
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khun hâi sùan lót chǎn dâai thâo rai?
How much discount can you offer me?
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ตำรวจถามว่า "เธออายุเท่าไรแล้ว?" เด็กชายตอบว่า "สิบสี่ครับ"
tam rùat thǎam wâa"thoe aa yú thâo rai láeo?" dèk chaai tòop wâa"sìp sìi khráp"
"How old are you?", asked the policeman. "Fourteen", said the boy.
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Related Words:



1. equal 2. times

Here: equal

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