Thai Word: ปี
Romanization: pii
English Meaning: year

Example Sentences:

chǎn aa yú yîi sìp pii
I'm twenty years old.
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chǎn tàeng ngaan maa yîi sìp pii láeo
I've been married for twenty years.
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rao tàeng ngaan kan maa sìp èt pii láeo láe mii lûuk sìi khon
We've been married for 11 years and have four children.
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khǎo aa yú khróp sǎam sìp pii nai wan níi
He is turning thirty today.
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ฉันอยู่บ้านหลังนี้มา 3 ปี
chǎn yùu bâan lǎng níi maa sǎam pii
I live in this house for 3 years.
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rûeang níi tông chái wee laa fùek lǎai pii
This takes years of practice.
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chǎn rian phaa sǎa thai dâai hâa pii láeo
I have been learning Thai for 5 years.
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