Thai Word: ใช่
Romanization: châi
English Meaning: yes, correct

Example Sentences:

man mâi châi khwaam phìt khǒong khun
It's not your fault.
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nân mâi châi kong kaan a rai khǒong khun
That is none of your business.
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kà rú naa tòop wâa châi
Please say yes.
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สวัสดี คุณจอมใช่ไหม?
sa wàt dii khun joom châi mǎi?
Hello, are you Mr. Jom?
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nân mâi châi phǎen kaan thîi trài troong maa yàang dii
That wasn't a well-thought-out plan.
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น้องสาวของคุณอยู่นั่นหรือเปล่า? ใช่ นั่นเธอเอง
nóong sǎao khǒong khun yùu nân rǔe plàao? châi nân thoe eeng
Is that your sister over there? Yes, that's she.
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ได้ข่าวว่าคุณตกงานจริงหรือเปล่า? ใช่ เป็นความจริง
dâai khàao wâa khun tòk ngaan jing rǔe plàao? châi pen khwaam jing
I've heard you have lost your job, is that true? Yes, I'm afraid so.
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