Thai Word: งานปาร์ตี้
Romanization: ngaan paa tîi
English Meaning: party

Example Sentences:

ngaan paa tîi sa nùk sùt wìang
The party is in full swing.
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khun yàak maa ngaan paa tîi baa bii khio khǒong rao mǎi?
Would you like to come to our barbecue party?
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chǎn jà pai ngaan paa tîi wan kòet khǒong khun yàang nâe noon
I will definitely be at your birthday party.
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chǎn yàak jà pai ngaan paa tîi kàp phûean khuen níi tàe chǎn yûng mâak
I would go to the party with my friends tonight but I'm too busy.
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Related Words:



1. work, job 2. party (celebration) 3. event 4. 100 square waa (400 square metres)

Here: party (celebration)

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paa tîi


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