Swedish Word: sin

English Meaning: 1. his, her 2. its 3. their

Word Forms: sina

Example Sentences:

Han köpte en ring till sin flickvän.
He bought a ring for his girlfriend.
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Han visade aldrig någon ånger över sina brott.
He never showed remorse for his crimes.
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Han kunde inte bevisa sin oskuld för domstolen.
He couldn't prove his innocence to the court.
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Han skrev ett långt brev till sin fru.
He wrote a long letter to his wife.
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Han har uppenbarligen roligt och tar inte sin framgång alltför allvarligt.
He is clearly enjoying himself and not taking his success too seriously.
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Örnen breder ut sina vingar.
The eagle spreads its wings.
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Han älskar inte sin fru längre.
He doesn't love his wife anymore.
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