Swedish Word: hitta

English Meaning: to find, to come across

Word Forms: hittade, hittades, hittar, hittat, hittats

Example Sentences:

Imorgon ska jag försöka hitta en ny lägenhet.
Tomorrow I'll be looking for a new flat.
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Lisa har hittat en igelkott i trädgården.
Lisa has found a hedgehog in the garden.
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Jag hittade en sjöstjärna på stranden.
I found a starfish on the beach.
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Polisen har hittat ett lik i floden.
The police have found a dead body in the river.
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Tjuven greps när hans DNA hittades på en cigarettfimp.
The thief was caught when his DNA was found on a cigarette butt.
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Forskare har hittat en ny lemurart.
Scientists have found a new lemur species.
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