Swedish Word: ofta

English Meaning: often, frequently

Word Forms: oftare, oftast

Example Sentences:

Det är ofta trafikstockning på motorvägarna i Sverige.
There are often traffic jams on the motorways in Sweden.
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Asiatiska kvinnor ser ofta mycket yngre ut än de är.
Asian women often look much younger than they are.
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Jack överraskar ofta sin fru med små presenter.
Jack often surprises his wife with little gifts.
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Mina barn tar ofta hand om disken.
My kids often do the dishes.
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Svartsjuka anses ofta vara en negativ känsla.
Jealousy is often thought of as a negative emotion.
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Jag har ofta ont i ryggen.
I often have pains in my back.
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Min son ställer ofta frågor till mig.
My son often asks me questions.
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