Swedish Word: kan jag få

English Meaning: may I

Example Sentences:

Kan jag få notan, tack!
The bill, please!
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Kan jag få notan, tack.
Can I have the bill, please.
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Kan jag få receptet på den här maträtten?
Can I have the recipe of this dish?
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Det är för mycket oväsen i det här rummet, kan jag få ett annat?
This room is too noisy, could I get a different one?
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Kan jag få ett kvitto?
Can I have a receipt?
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Kan jag få låna din penna, tack?
Can I borrow your pen, please?
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Kan jag få prata med hotellägaren?
Can I speak to the owner of the hotel?
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Related Words:


1. can 2. may, to be able to 3. to know

Here: may

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I, me

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1. to get 2. to be allowed 3. to receive 4. few 5. to have got to 6. to make sb do sth

Here: to be allowed

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